Marie Lloyd – Queen of the Halls


On Wednesday 4th March 2020, I will be giving a talk at The V&A on Marie Lloyd, together with Christine Padwick from the British Music Hall Society.  Marie Lloyd was the first female ‘celebrity’ of popular entertainment and was a huge star in her day. Irreverent, generous, bold and mischievous she exemplified the gusto of the Music Hall, the one place in Victorian England where a woman could be in control. She spanned the peak years of this unique form of entertainment from her first appearance at the age of 15 until her death in 1922.

Marie Lloyd 06

Further details can be found here:

This talk is part of the V&A’s free weekly lunchtime talks.


2 thoughts on “Marie Lloyd – Queen of the Halls

  1. Well done Alison . It is times like this that I wished I lived in London or the south. The whole subject matter is fascinating and like you say the one time, in that period of history, that women could express themselves and have a form of control.

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