Music Hall Alice
London, England

Bio: I am a music hall fan from a music hall family. My grandmother and great grandparents and their brothers and sisters were all music hall artistes and I have had a life long fascination with the lives of these performers. I chose a more sedate career – the legal profession - which has its own elements of music hall but none of the vibrant colour, joy and entertainment that music hall brought to millions of people in the days before the advent of cinema, radio and TV. I hope to enthuse you about this lost art as much as I have been and at the same time explore my family connections to that world. I 'll also be aiming to look at how modern performers, theatres and writers are embracing the music hall tradition. Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats…

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Music Hall Alice, Myself and my husband (Stephonie and Jeremy Clarke) run the Felbridge History Group and for years I have been trying to get information out of Paul Young about his mother Norah to include in one of of talks. I knew that Norah had theatrical links (having seen the wonderful photos along his hall passage) and that she had helped with the local Lake View Drama Club in Felbridge of which my parents (and later I) were associated with. I have trawled the internet before and only came up with a couple of potential entries for her but this year we decided to try and include her biog in our second Theatricals of Felbridge talk in November and I found your wonderful site. Any help you may be able to give us in the creation of an accurate biography for her would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Setphonie

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